Sohila Zanjani B.Sc,LL.B
Managing Director

20151021-Sohila-and-David0011-_800pxright David Brewster 2014 All rights reserved-edited_800pxSohila Zanjani, director of Prime Law Brokers, has lived a life that taught her to learn her rights and fight for them.

After arriving in Australia, from Tehran, Iran in 1981, Sohila was full of hope and aspiration to build a family, and to learn more about Australia and follow her Persian teachings by helping others and contributing to society’s well being.

However, after fleeing an abusive marriage Sohila resolved never to put herself or her young children in a position that would jeopardise their safety, or victimise her physically, financially, emotionally or mentally.

Sohila also identified that she was not alone in her plight- that millions of women in Australia were unaware of their rights, and suffering as a consequence.

With newfound freedom and independence, Sohila embarked on an empowering seven-year educational journey that saw her jump numerous hurdles to graduate from Monash University with a Degree in Law (LLB) in 1997.

Not long after Sohila graduated and she answered an ad for a law Graduate role, her career took a welcome turn. Sohila was interviewed by a young legal professional by the name of Yuri Rapoport. A lawyer from Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Yuri had the idea of establishing a law brokerage where clients are referred to the right lawyers.

And so Prime Law Brokers was born…

Dedicated to seeing PLB expand, flourish and assist as many people as possible to find the correct lawyer for their plight, Sohila took over the business when Yuri married and left Australia.

Prime Law Brokers is now 19 years old. During its time, the company has directed over 800,000 people to various lawyers. PLB continues to dedicate itself to matching people up in the future and ensuring that their clients have the best possible assistance in their legal plights.

Dr Yuri Rapoport B.SC, SJD

Yuri RapoportAfter commencing his legal carrier in 1993 as a solicitor with a leading national law firm (Corrs Chambers Westgarth) in his home country of Australia, Dr Rapoport founded the world’s first law broking firm (Prime Law Brokers), which used research data about lawyers’ professional performance to match consumers with the right legal practitioner.
Dr Rapoport is regarded as the world’s founder of private legal referral services, and is credited with coining the phrase “Law Broker” (Herald Sun, 13 May 1996).

With 20 years of work dedicated to intermediary legal services, Dr Rapoport and his firm have assisted over 1 million clients to find the right lawyer, control the cost of legal cases, and manage the quality of legal services on behalf of individual consumers and companies.

Dr Rapoport has applied his expertise and working principles to establish a variety of consumer-oriented solutions that help individual users of legal services to gain access to justice.